What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

There was a small fire in my pediatric office and we had yellow residue left from the fire extinguisher that was used to put it out. I was unsure if SERVPRO did this kind of cleaning but they were more than helpful when I called to ask. They explained the whole process to me and got everything cleaned up so we could use the room again!

Very honest, knowledgeable and professional. Plus they're owned by a wonderful and fun family that ACTUALLY CARE!

I’m not sure how there was so much fire damage, but thankfully your guys were there to make it all seem small. Even when they had to practically gut the walls and rip up the floors, it seemed there was no job too big for your team. Really glad you were there when I needed your help. Thank you, SERVPRO.

I would just like to stop and say thank you for being a stand-up company that keeps its promises to its customers. It was hard to trust anyone after my house fire, but your guys made it possible to keep building memories in my dream home. So again, Thanks! Your company is really one to be admired and emulated.

Thanks to a small space heater, I had some extensive fire damage in my bedroom. Truth is I am lucky all I had fire damage and no one hurt. Then I called your company to come in and get my house back in order. They came out in a hurry and got the repairs started almost immediately. The costs were within the estimates and stayed in line with what my home-owners insurance coverage. I hope I never need to use their services again. But I am thankful to know they will be there if I do need them again.

This company was able to make the repairs to some very bad fire damage that I had in my house. They were there to answer my questions, whenever I had them and made sure each step of the repair met my expectations.