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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

My car windows were left open and rain got into my interior. A few weeks later I had mold. Dee worked with my insurance and explained to me that I needed to have the affected interior completely removed and treated to stop the mold from coming back. She also let me know that I would have to get new interior parts put in at a shop. Insurance footed the bill but I am extremely grateful that I was aware of everything that was happening beforehand. It really made everything go a lot smoother.

Amazingly friendly people, knowledgeable, and they were happy to be there for me for whatever I needed.

Fantastic handling of a mold issue in my garage due to a hot water heater pipe leak hidden inside of the wall. Prompt, courteous, thorough and professional. Vern, Susan, and their team are my go-to team when I have water/mold remediation issues.

I will never forget how traumatized I was when I experienced mold in my home. It made me and my family so sick. I called SERVPRO to come out and remedy the problem. They let me speak to a technician who would explain the process to me and who would make an appointment to come out the very same day. Jason of SERVPRO was great communicating with me to make sure all my needs were met. SERVPRO really lives up to their name and their promises. Thanks again.

We were referred by a friend when we discovered mold in the home. We did not panic, because we were told SERVPRO would take care of everything and in some cases, we also were told that they would help with the insurance claim. They made our lives so simple and we are glad we did make that call.

My family's home was showing signs of water damage in the ceiling and the walls. We weren't sure what to do so we called SERVPRO. Their office manager, Dee, answered the phone and explained the whole process of what we could expect. They sent Donny over to assess the damage and he gave us references for several mold assessors (something we learned from this experience is that in FL, legally the mold assessor cannot be the mold remediator). We worked with the mold assessor to determine if there was a problem and then when we got the lab results back, we had SERVPRO come out and remove the mold in the affected bedrooms. This whole process was expensive and it did take several weeks. But SERVPRO worked with our insurance through everything, which was a huge relief to us and they coordinated building all the rooms back. We appreciated that they were upfront with us about how long, expensive, and arduous the process would be. We felt like they had our best interest at heart, and they spent a significant amount of time answering our questions and educating us on mold.