What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I had some roofers working on my home that forgot to install a tarp before finishing the work. Needless to say, before calling SERVPRO I was already in a seriously bad mood because of water intrusion that could have been easily avoided. Luckily, even though my call was pretty late in the night, they were completely understanding and sent a technician to my home that arrived quicker than I expected and took out all the water. The tech, Diego, even explained the importance of setting up equipment and getting everything completely dried to prevent mold. I still have a headache from how stressful this whole situation was in the first place but have to thank SERVPRO of Winter Park and Diego for making this part of it easy for me.

When I bought flood insurance, I never thought that I would use it. I bought my house outside of a floodplain just so I would never have to use it. However, after the flood happened I am so thankful that I got it. But I was even more thankful that your company was there to make all my flood damage repairs seem easy. Thank you for being a great company that people can trust to do the job right the first time. Thank you SERVPRO.

Thanks for fixing the water damage under the windows in my front room. I didn't know they were unsealing themselves like they were. And thanks for getting them resealed, too, so this isn't a problem again.

Thank you for helping us get the storm damage from Hurricane Irma cleaned up!

It was important to us to hire a company that could be trusted; we would only be able to afford one shot at making the repairs necessary to the flood damage in our home. Thankfully when we chose this company we chose right. They got the repairs done right the first time and did not cost us a fortune to get it done. This was vital since we did not include flood insurance in our homeowner’s policy.

This team was great to work with. When our water heater busted in the middle of the night, we did not know what we were going to do. Water was everywhere. Thank you for coming out so quickly and getting to work getting the water out. Your team made a very difficult situation into one that was manageable.